Thyroid Free of Cancer

Reverend G. Gordon Allen Summer 2005

Shortly after his 2005 NDE Gordon experienced a miracle.  Gordon was having a regular day.  He felt healthy and was recovering from his recent NDE.  One day as he was helping run an adult shelter for women he received a call from his doctor.  The doctor was alarmed and told Gordon to call 911 immediately.  Gordon told the doctor that he felt fine and that he would drive himself to the hospital. The doctor did not accept this and insisted that he call 911, she feared that in his state he could have an accident on the way to the hospital.  According to his doctor the results of a blood sugar test, called A1C, had revealed that his blood sugar level was at dangers levels.  So high were his levels that Gordon should of been immobile or even dead. A normal result for a A1C test would be around 5-7, a value of 14 is considered serious, but in Gordon's case his A1C had come in at 24! When he arrived at the hospital he was attended by a diabetes expert which confirmed that his levels where at an alarming level. Gordon was given the proper treatment to control these levels.   He was not afraid for he knew that God and his guides were protecting him.  This was truely a miracle especially since he had been in constant contact with his doctor and she still missed this.  God and his guides keep their promise and protect Gordon. 

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