Out of Body for Six Days

Reverend G. Gordon Allen March 17-24 2005

"Challenges and joy with love abounding"

In the first days of March 2005 Gordon was feeling poorly and went to his general internist. This was the 10th of March. The doctor said he was in what could be the early part of pneumonia and gave him a good check up and an order for an effective antibiotics. He left to return in a few days for another check up. Over the next seven days he took the medicine and felt a dramatic improvement.

Returning to the doctor on the 17th of March at 1 PM in the afternoon a clear sunny day, Gordon now well, felt great, and in good spirits. The time he spent with the doctor was good and after a complete check up was told he was in great shape health wise. Routine blood samples were taken and he left to return to his home feeling good. Gordon was home by two thirty and had a quick late lunch.

The date was March 17, 2005; Gordon having just finished lunch suddenly became very ill for no apparent reason and died once again. Another person had come by to ask a favor of him when he was dramatically stuck with strange and alarming feelings in his body. Have been gone from his doctors not more then two hours it was totally irrational that this was happening but it was and he new he was being killed but not by whom but by what. Events in a few short minutes went from normal and feeling great to knowing he was dieting right there for no apparent reason. He shouted to his visitor to call 911 for he new he could not go the phone. The visitor in his panic pulled the plug out on the phone and left to find another phone to use, which he did. Gordon now apparently went to change clothes for the hospital. He got into his bathroom where he vomited everywhere emptying his stomach as he was progressively dieting. He lost control of his sphincter muscles which caused him to soil his body, floor, and room with solid body waste.  Gordon, at the moment, wasn't aware of what was occurring, he has no real active memory of those events as he was dieting.

Paramedics arrived quickly and at that point his lungs were collapsing he was no longer breathing. They somewhat revived him but as they headed toward the hospital they would lose him on and off as hit vitals signs came and went.  

At the emergency area in the hospital he died again. This time the staff was able to use machines to force oxygen into him and to hold his meager heart rate. For six days, Allen was out of his body doctors had placed him on full life support trying in vain to discover a diagnosis. They did not know who he really was. He had arrived naked with no identification. The only information they had was his address and a general spelling of his name which they got all wrong and therefore could not find any medical records for him. A rotating on-call list of heart doctors is in the ER. The next one was called to look at him in that they still did not know what was happening with him. When the cardiac nurse practitioner came she could provide an identification. She knew who his cardiologist was and called him. Then he took charge and put Gordon on the full life support incubated him, keeping him only just alive. There was just a small trickle of energy between the brain and the heart. That was all they could do. God was doing the rest and he had been using them to that point.

These events started on a Thursday when his cardiologist gave him over to the fellow cardiologist who was randomly on duty for the weekend. It turned out to be the third cardiologist which Gordon had been with through the pacemakers and cardio versions and he of course new Gordon well. God acts in strange and wondrous ways. Indeed having the these three heart doctors there for him at that time, two of which were random, is indeed Gods hand, in the big city with hundreds who could have been there. There were several miracles during that time just as there is now on going

He was "Incubated". For six days he laid there with lungs and body being mechanically supported. For six days he did not move. For all of those six days he was out of body. For those six days he was in the heavenly dimension as the dark-side attempted to keep him dead to this world. The darkness new they could not have him but they wanted him out of this material dimension.

Gordon later described being attacked by dark forces during his NDE. While in the heavenly dimensions, Allen experienced a battle raging over his fate between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Allen described not only being subjected to attacks by evil beings; but also was experiencing the depth of heavenly love as he was defended and reassured. When he re-entered his body on the afternoon of the sixth day, his doctor who was there at the time told him, "You have been gone a long time." Gordon did not have a concept of time in a earthly reference and had thought it was just the next morning not six later as it happened.

For the next days he was coughing up dark gray foamy water, which was in his collapsed lungs. Also huge clots of foamy blood a result of the pipes and tubes being forced into them for that period of time. Once more doctors still do not have any diagnosis. All of his tests turned out to be normal.

Gordon was given teachings and directions during this and his other NDE's from which he was shown that now is the time for a worldwide spiritual Christian ecumenical movement to occur.

In the time from 1993 when he had his original NDE from congestive heart failure, Gordon has had five heart cardio versions. This is where the heart is stopped by poisons curare which are short lasting in the body. Then the heart is restarted using those familiar paddles on the chest and under the body on the back directly in line with the heart to reestablish good rhythms effective killing the person. Whiplash is a common side effect of this procedure.

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