Bothersome Kidney Tumor

Reverend G. Gordon Allen Summer 1995

About a year and a half after recovering from his brain tumor NDE, during a simple in hospital day surgery, to remove a bothersome tumor from over his right kidney he died twice on the operating table from the overdose of anesthetic. For most persons the amount of chemicals would not have been too much. However he had become so finely tuned in his body after NDE and the miracle spiritual healing that followed, he was no longer on the same chemicals scale as others are. The doctors lost him then got him back and lost him once more finally getting him back. During this time he was in an out of body event with by now his special bothers on the other side. He crashed once more back into the body and came too angry as to what had gone that caused the crashing in. Pain and emotional upset comes with that event. The Doctor wanted to do a cardio version right then chemically in that his heart was out of rhythm and erratic. His cardiologist now on the phone, said no that they would do it the following afternoon.

Unbelievably he was discharged and sent home with his daughter. That night he once more had a night of the stench of death with him as the body now dysfunctional due to the heart being out of regular beats and dysfunctional, had slowed to a mere 34 beats which was sufficient to keep him alive but not sufficient for all of the parts to function properly. That night and the next day he had the stench of death about him in that the waste system of the body was now taking urine and other waste liquid products out through the sweat of the whole overall body. Gordon has had this before and new it well for it was with him for several days prior to his first NDE in 1993. It does not wash out of the sheets and clothing all of which simply gets thrown away

Following that event, the next day when he confronted the cardiologist and confirmed his low heart rate the doctor went pale and had no answers for him. Gordon should not have made it through the night. Yet the spirit once more protected him. He went into recovery for a time filled with Joy of the protection of the spirit and upset at the cavalier attitude of the Cardiologist.

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