Brain Tumor

Reverend G. Gordon Allen Fall 1993

"The spirits had promised this to him and that was the way it was. His heart on fire with the love of God and the achievement of this promise"

In the early fall of the 1993, as he was still in recovery from all of the effects of the previous congestive heart failure (from his first NDE), he began suffering extreme head pain as if a electric drill was driving into his head. He had this for some years before but not at this intensity. Reporting this to his General practice doctor he was sent to a specialist ENT who told him that he had TMJ a displaced jaw. This was simply an unacceptable answer and he reported to this GP the great disbelief in that result. At which point the GP took a simple X-ray of his head and saw there a shadow of a major tumor. If a tumor shows on an x-ray it is indeed major.

Further tests with CAT scan showed indeed the tumor and it was eating into and behind his right eye causing some loss of vision. The tumor had eaten two holes through his right eyebrow bone and made a shape in his eye socket above the eye. It was aggressively eating into the brain area. It is thought that it had been there many years. Perhaps twenty or more. The brain was not yet contaminated. A first class team of surgeons, plastic surgeons, brain surgeons, ENT doctor and others, seven in all, were assembled for this quickly scheduled event.

The morning of the surgery he lay in the waiting area as the doctors had done some of the preparation work on him and the anesthesiologist was about to start putting the drugs into him. There were several other persons on operating gurneys in this area of the very large hospital operating theater. One of the many nurses walked quickly past the foot of the gurney and stopped and came back to him excitedly. She told him she was one of the nurses who was a witness to the events from his original NDE after he returned when he had the congestive heart failure out of body. She reminded him of the way the walls in the room the first night had a faint blue hue to them and how the feeling of peace and love filled that room during the time he was there. They shared for that brief time, as two persons became one with love in the lord for those few moments.

That previous night Gordon had had a spiritual visitation assuring him that all would be fine and there was absolutely no cause for concern that it and other events were simply bringing him to a place of full health for the mission ahead. It was indeed a most amazing and awesome love event. Gordon says that he has been "re-manufactured" over these past few years.

The operation called for cutting across the head starting in front of the ears and going straight across to the other ear. Then they literally pulled the face skins down over the nose exposing the skull forehead eyebrow bones and eye sockets doing their work from there making a large hole in the forehead to do their work. Due to the nature and the size of he tumor it was filmed and photos were taken.

Gordon is one of the few men who have seen their face inside out. He says it looked like a peeled beet not chicken skin as some authors have mistakenly reported. They took small floating ribs for bone grafts filling holes and used to bond the skull plate pieces into his forehead. A piece of the cartilage at the end of his tail bone for the bone graft to fill the whole in the back of his eye which was removed from its socket and dropped down to accommodate the grafting.

The operation, which took seven hours. During those hours Gordon was in another dimension with his spiritual brothers and sisters by prearrangement. This was the best he could have hoped for. When it was over he crashed back, rather then floating back, into his body. All at once the entire pain of all that was going on, hit him. He was not prepared for the extreme pain on his tail-bone tip. It took two years for that to settle down. It still gives him discomfort to this day under certain circumstances.

The operation was on Monday morning going into Monday afternoon. Gordon was Week After Surgerytold he would be in the bed several days before getting up to move around. The next day Tuesday the spirit told him he could get up after the midday food. Early in that afternoon with all of the head bandaged into a turban and all other things going on he got up out of the recovery bed. He took the stand which was on wheels next to his bed with all of the medication bottles and stuff stuck into his arm and headed down the hall, pulling the stand with his right arm and a big smile on his face. The spirits had promised this to him and that was the way it was. His heart on fire with the love of God and the achievement of this promise.

  Two weeks later he had the first of the full power of the true healing of the Holy Spirit upon him, which he had asked for. From that time to this he is able to use this for others as well as his own. The incredible evidence speaks to this and all other things.

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