Prayer on Receptivity

Prayer on receptivity

 Dear God
Praise thee God and please help me open myself up fully
Open me so I be receptive of Your Light
Open me in order to receive the wonderful
gifts You bestow on us, Your children
Please make me aware
Please help me chase my ego
So that Your Love and Light can fully penetrate me
Open me God and make me a vessel of Your Love
Let me shine and be a beacon for my fellow men and women
Let selfishness and egotism be eradicated from my personality
Praise You God
Let the silence that is at the core of my being grow
Let it overflow and touch others
Use me Lord as Your agent of Love
Praise thee Lord


Prayer of gratitude

 Dear God,
Bless you God that you have welcomed me so warmly,
At times I have been erring and dared not turn to you,
Not always have I been the person I should have been,
In word and deed I sometimes was not good to others,
I felt ashamed of that episode and hid from you.

The truth is that even then you were there for me,
You would have welcomed me the same,
Knowing just that warms my heart.
I have learned to trust,
I have learned to come to you.

The smile that I carry with me softens my eyes,
That smile warms my voice to whomever I speak,
Your Light and your acceptance of me are my examples.
I will share your smile, your warmth and your acceptance
By not judging my fellow men and women.

Even though I feel by no means perfect,
I will always open myself to your presence,
Please make me an instrument of your love,
Let me be of help, even in the tiniest of ways,
Let me be of service God that is my sincerest desire.

Praise you dear God,
You are always non-judgmental of me,
You give me the time I needed in order to find you,
Having discovered my true inner spirit which is closest to you during prayer,
I treasure these moments always.


Bless you dear God,


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