Dr Rev G Allen Personal Daily Prayers

Rev. G. Gordon Allen comments on the intent of Personal Prayer

The Holy Spirit is the writer, I am only the pen.” GGA


I invite you to join with me in prayer to Jesus the Christ and our heavenly father God. This prayer is a combination of my prayer to God and yours. Besides that it is a so-called intercessory prayer meaning that we pray for each other at the same time. Whenever praying I also ask the Holy Spirit to come and join me. As such the Spirit is the intercessor for me with God. A relationship with the Spirit in prayer adds spiritual focus to your prayer.

Prayer is not just the saying or repeating of a standard set of words but rather a special state of consciousness. In this state you invite your inner spirit to come forward in order to communicate spiritually with the spirit of God. This is achieved through your conscious intent. This pure intent is achieved by stepping beyond your ego thus approaching God from your soul. Your indwelling spirit is a spark of the divine. At that level you are immutable love, which is the same love as God’s love for you.

God is with you now as he always has been, and as he always will be. He was there before you entered this world, he is with you now, and he will be with you after this life.

Addressing Jesus is addressing the symbol of Christ energies, i.e. unconditional love energies. Addressing God is addressing the Creator.

Praise you father God. Thank you for your immutable Love, which I know is here with me at every level of my being. Thank you for consistently loving me even though I know I sometimes err from the right path. Forgive me for my mistakes. Please help me become a better person and open my eyes for the mistakes in behavior I am not even aware of.

In this we are asking for forgiveness. We are aware of things we maybe should have done differently and now we ask for the cleaning and cleansing of ourselves so that our indwelling spirit is no longer blurred. We expand the asking to be forgiven by including all actions and thoughts, even the ones we have a blind spot for, meaning even those hidden from us on a conscious level.

Father bless me with such bounty, as you will bestow.

God is there for us always. He welcomes us, his children, to ask him for anything. The simplest all comprising question we can ask him is for him to bless us. The blessings that he bestows on us are very real. Granted they can sometimes be subtle, but more often they are very clear. Often God uses other fellowmen to show us he has overheard us and28-Jun-2008 15:35eached by the father then we will start recognizing his blessings. We are all to be used of God and so in turn you may also be used to deliver the blessings from God to a fellow human being, by a friendly word, a smile or a service rendered. We are all  instruments of God, being used of him to give blessings to others, as an answer to the prayers of others.

Father God I ask for your blessings in enlarging my self power. Help me to become the finest version of me that I can be in this life. Help me develop into a  worthy child of yours. Help me develop self love and self acceptance. Thank you for shining your Light on me. 

This is a pure request for the Father to help you accept yourself. For taking away blockages that withhold you from becoming the best you can be. God always loves you unconditionally and always puts you in the light however your mind and thought patterns often obscure the light. Praying in this manner makes you conscious of that fact and opens you up to your indwelling purity.

Dear Father help me share the knowledge of your bounty with all of my sisters and brothers I encounter. No matter what their life circumstances are. Please help me share unconditionally and like yourself give them my unconditional  love and acceptance.

This all inclusive statement of the heart comprises even those whom you have not yet met. It states that you recognize we are all equal sisters and brothers in the family of God, loved by God immutably and universally.

Please help me forgive them Father for any sins or transgressions that may have been committed towards me at any given place or time.

In requesting this, i.e. total forgiveness of all those who have done you harm, you at the same time free yourself of anger, hatred, and other negative feelings.

Dear God thank you for being with me always. Thank you for carrying me at times when life’s burdens become too much.

This indeed is requesting for Divine help in your life, especially when times are rough.

Father please protect me from evil in any form. Please keep me vigilant against deflection.

Here you request Father God to keep you from straying from the chosen path thereby risking evil into your presence. In addressing this you make sure you will not be deflected from your love of God. You will avoid being available to be used in any way by the darkness.

Lord God thank you for having bestowed upon us the gift of free will. A will that chooses between good and evil, love and hate, joy and pain. I choose a life which has you Father at the core of it. God gave us absolute free will.

With that we create either Heaven or Hell. We choose between the positive and the negative. God loves us immutably, no matter what choice we make.

I carefully exercise my free will. I choose you and your son Jesus as my role models and will love my fellow human beings as best I can.

In reminding yourself in your prayer that God and the unconditional Christ energies are your role models, this will set your intention for your behavior.

Dear Father I pray I will not bring pain or harm to another this day. I pray they will not bring any to me. Let me be an instrument of your love and peace in this world.

This part is the follow-up of the statement above it, but goes into more practical detail.

Thank you Father for hearing my prayer, praise you God, praise your son. Gratitude is the shortcut to feelings of love. A person that feels gratitude from the heart, is filled with warm loving energies. Exactly the kind of energies we need to fill this world with.

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