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Completion Ministries Logo by Rev. G. Gordon Allen

Starting from the outer most branches left to right into the heart of the logo.

First you come to the symbolic Laurel branches which are the age old symbol of victory world class achievement Success. These are to suggest the victory of Christ in all ways in this world and our own personal victory as individuals participating in all things which are of the love of God translated through our hearts and actions into this material dimension for and to our sisters and brothers universally, ecumenically, unconditionally.

Second you see the shafts of life. A stem of wheat on the left and a stem of oats on the right. These are symbolic of the food and bread of life which is needed to sustain us in life as we serve to love our God and his son Christ.

Third you come to what appears to be an outer ring when in fact it is not but rather one open section of several. These sections represent several meanings and offer to the observer that the Lord God sees that many come to him from several paths all of which coming by way of Christ Lead to him. There are also 12 separate units which represent the several Christian teachers directly associated with Christ.

Fourth, Looking at the central image you see what appears to be a cross however it is not. Looking closely you see that several openings are present leaving the cross image open which is showing the open acceptance of God and Christ in receiving all of us into the loving family of Christians. The image and its related openness is an ecumenical image of the openness of God in that he is not confined but rather is powerful and strong in his total and unconditional love for us. It is closed in to the top area and open in all others.

Fifth, The central object in the center of the image is an eternal flame of renewal, rebirth, cleansing, eternal in all ways, and purity at every moment. All of these are our gifts from the father God and represent our own personal truths as we ourselves are eternal spirits with our brother Christ. These transcend belief to truth and certain knowledge.
Square tiling across web page headings as a symbolism: 
Black and white squares shown throughout the web pages are to illustrate, as has been done for the last 3600 years from the time of the profit Zarathushtra of the Persian Empire, the concept that while the earth is inherently of "God and goodness" that "evil" also is here and that we all need to be diligent and aware of the possibility of evil entering into our affairs of all sorts. Over the Melina the symbolism of this concept has been the black and white squares with the white illustrating goodness and the black for "evil".  In the throne rooms of the powerful and all public places dedicated by spiritual or fraternal orders there will be found a place where this is presented to this present day.  We present this on all pages for the same reasons in that we may be gently reminded that we too need to be diligent and aware, referencing in our mind that we also in this current moment are as vulnerable as those in the past and to check our actions for love and balance as we individually move towards our own personal "Completion". 

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