Life After Death

At the beginning of 2005 Rev Gordon Allen was contacted by a Brit named Robert Dentith who had seen the BBC documentary and was just embarking on his own spiritual journey. Rob was a young man who was seeking some spiritual guidance and turned to Gordon for it. Rob and Gordon met through the guidance of the spirit in order to work on the important spiritual mission that had been given to Gordon. The two men got along fine. Gordon became a mentor to Rob and Rob was thinking of ways to share his new found spiritual values with his fellow man. Rob was working on doing press releases to make the amazing story of Gordon’s NDE known when suddenly he got another idea.  You will notice on the right side panel the a section with that points to an Interview by Robert Dentith with Gordon Allen.  That recording contains raw takes of Robert Dentith's interviews with Rev Gordon Allen.  The recordings were to be broadcasted on a British radio station, unfortunately Robert was not able to complete this task.  Click on the player and listen to the insightful and interesting interview. 

The following trail of emails are the true account of the miraculous story of Rob Dentith, Matt Shore and Rev Gordon Allen.  

It is one of the many stories that reveals that our life is never ever stopped by death. It is the amazing truth being revealed: our spirit spends time on earth in our body, but once the body is no longer needed, the body gets transcended and life goes on in all those other wonderful dimensions which are right next to the one we experience on earth.

 The following mail discloses Rob’s honest intentions and new idea to help out with the mission:

 -----Original Message-----
From: Robert Dentith
Thursday, August 18, 2005 5:59 AM
To: completion\
Subject: Re: Idea

Dear Gordon

I've made a lot of personal progress since we last spoke and I am now truly starting to wake.

I have an idea.

A gentleman has just moved to Telford who goes by the name of Mark Berry. He has been sent by the church of England after the Telford area was hailed as being the most secular part of the United Kingdom.

He is looking for ways to boost church numbers in and around the town.

This could be a first rate opportunity to use your story to aid his campaign.

I would be fascinated to know if Mr Berry would warm to the idea of Near Death Experiences being used as a way to affirm and validate Christian beliefs.

If Mr Berry would be happy to work with us this would automatically generate our first news story and subsequently lead to many press releases.

The unique relationship could then be documented and presented to churches thru out the land.

Just a thought, if you would sooner we stood independently as a movement in our own right please let me know and I will start work on the press releases a.s.a.p.  I'm currently on holiday and have some free time on my hands.

Love, respect
God bless

Gordon’s reply to this email was as follows:

From: "Gordon  Allen <completion\>
To: "Robert Dentith"
Subject: RE: Idea follow on from Rev Allen
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 23:26:03 -0700

Dear Rob
This is a follow on from your mail today.
After meditation and contemplation of the idea you put forward it seems that ‘we’ need to follow it on.
Many things have come forward this way to me so let us go forward and see what the spirit has in mind. There is no doubt that we could fill one of these empty churches in a very short time.
They would need to fully support the effort in every way. I never second guess the spirit. Open the door and see what's there.
In the short term I agree with you that ‘we’ could just be what he needs. In the longer term if the spirit is truly in this, then it will fill our own spiritually based churches. Good work Rob!
Press on and lets test the adventure.
Blessings to you and yours Rob.


Rob came back to Gordon as follows:

----Original Message-----
From: Robert Dentith Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 1:29 PM
To: completion\
Subject: RE: Idea follow on from Rev Allen

Dear Gordon.

Thank you for your last post.  I have been leading a very spiritual life myself over the last few days and believe the idea was aided by spirit.

I will make contact with Mark Berry as soon as possible; and I will of course keep you posted!

Love, respect, God Bless


So Rob started working on this project and consulted with Gordon whenever needed. Unfortunately Mr. Mark Berry was not keen on having the NDE story told in his church. However this did not alter the zeal that Rob had now developed and the new idea was to interview Gordon for a radio broadcast.

The following are emails between Rob and Gordon regarding this subject:


-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Dentith
Sent: Monday, May 29, 2006 8:12 AM
To: completion\
Subject: RE: Interview

Dear Gordon

It's a bank holiday weekend in the U.K, and the majority of folk are off work today. This would have been an ideal opportunity for us to record the next part of the interview, but unfortunately due to an unexpected change of programming, all studios are out of bounds.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and I regret not being able to give you more notice. This project is of great importance to me, but I'm having to use the facilities outside of my normal working hours, this is resulting in setbacks.

Let's try and get parts 2 and 3 done this coming weekend.
Thanks for your patience and understanding!
God Bless,


From: "Gordon  Allen" <completion\>
To: "Robert Dentith"
CC: <ggamail\>
Subject: RE: Interview
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 09:26:56 -0700

Dear Rob.
Sorry for the set back. Often the unforeseen comes along to slow down our projects. This, we simply attribute to the Dark side. In the end it becomes a sign of  encouragement. We will impact many for the good overall and the Dark side does anything in its power to prevent this from happening. It just needs persistence from our side, that’s all.
Let me know about the timing for this weekend as I have a schedule here also.
Blessings to you and yours Rob.


-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Dentith
Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2006 11:06 AM
To: completion\
Subject: RE: Interview

Hi Gordon
I do hope you're well!
Did you get the interview chunks ok?  Are you happy with the way you are coming across?
Speak soon, God bless

And Gordon’s reply:
-----Original Message-----
From: Gordon Allen
Sent: Friday, June 16, 2006 23:00 PM
Subject: RE: Interview

Dear Rob
Finely back to the e mail for you.
It was another longish day where even bizarre actions were among the activities we dealt with today. Many men and ladies saw what the good spirit was doing today as well as the very dark energy that was active in places I went.

As to how I like the way I sound. I am not as happy as I would like about that. I am working to shape up the voice and the style.

As to direction. Ten years in the desert refers to living and working at the heart of poverty in the world and in the center of a major metropolitan city.
Immersed in and among the poor both in finance and life circumstances at every level, I formed a fully sanctioned independent Christian ministry to facilitate the delivery of our services. When deciding what path I was following on my mission for God I looked at those who pulled away from society and lived the monks life alone in places where others were not. Rob to tell you the truth, that really appealed to me for a while. However soon I was shown that I was to be totally involved with persons. Only in that way would I be get the finishing education God intended for me to have.
More then that all of the other lessons learned would be finely honed.
All this happened and still goes on thanks to God. I traveled and broadly lectured at places where Churches were not going, not then and not now.
I gained a counselors license and organized a counseling service at no charge for the poor. The education in the spirit I gained serving the poor coming to know their life stories and all the details of  how they came into the circumstances of misery and hopelessness.
Rob you have the idea now.
I did not go to Africa or another place in deserts of the world. There is still so much to be done here for me. There are many others called to that and they are blessed and a blessing to those who are awaiting them there.
It is not always easy working in a city as I am doing. Sometimes it is like working in an open prison and worse. However this is the path the Lord has sent me on and that is the path I will follow.

God bless you Rob and all those you hold dear,
Speak to you soon,

So Gordon and Rob worked on the taped interviews (please click on the icon at the top of this page in order to hear them). They managed to get them nearly all done when Gordon was startled and very sad to receive the following email:

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Dentith
Sent: Monday, October 09, 2006 4:30 PM

Subject: Sad news


This is Robert's sister Lizzie. There has been some very sad news, Rob died on Thursday 5th October. We are unsure what happened at the moment as the post mortem is not taking place until Wednesday this week. It was very sudden and was a huge shock, Sorry to have to send an e-mail but I am contacting people in any way I can. If you want any further information please e-mail me on

Lizzie x

All of a sudden Rob’s soul had left his body. He died at the age of .. Of course Gordon was much saddened by this news and felt it as a big loss, not that he was not confident that Rob was now in the beautiful loving heavenly dimension which he knew him to be in, but to loose a person so spiritually alike and such a wonderful human being, was simply sad. So this put a stop on the project. And there the story would end, yet it doesn’t. Just about six months after Robs death Gordon received the following very interesting email:
On 2/19/07, matt shore  wrote:


Dear Mr Allen,
I came across your web site after doing a Google search on a friend of mine from years ago – Robert Dentith.
I knew Rob from 1998 – 2000 and spent many good times with him, but a move away from our home town and change of career saw me loose direct contact with him.
It was the day after his death that I found out he had passed over from a friend.
Since that day, my life has turned around – prior to Robs passing I had a reading with a spiritual medium arranged – with me being a sceptic and in no way spiritual at the time, the reading took place 2 weeks after his funeral.
During the reading the medium asked me if I knew anyone called Rob, who she said was around me and shouting his name to me – the details she went on to tell me she could not have known and were far too personal to me, for her to have plucked them out of thin air.
So I left the reading somewhat amazed, and bewildered and then began my journey of finding out just how spiritual Rob had become before his passing through chatting to mutual friends.
When I had known Rob better I had been rather dismissive of his views, I did not and could not understand where he was coming from.
Since then I have been on an amazing journey of spiritual enlightenment – a far cry from my old self of 6 months ago.
Anyway, the point of this e mail is that I am trying to find out more information that Rob may have written about in blogs, forums etc and I wondered if you may be able to guide me in the right direction.
I feel saddened that I didn't get chance to talk about the experiences I have recently had with Rob before his passing – but I do smile when I think of him popping back to say: ‘You know what Matt, I was right all along…’

Much appreciation for any help you may be able to provide.
Kind Regards,
Matt Shore

The beauty of this account is complex. First of all it tells us that indeed there is a life after death. Persons having lived an NDE have direct knowledge of it and the ones having crossed to the other side, not coming back have direct knowledge of it. Oftentimes those who remain on this side, meaning being still alive in the world, wonder and doubt whether this really can be the truth, or is it just wishful thinking? Well, the account above is very clear: life goes on after death, albeit in other dimensions.
The sequence of events is beautiful though. Let’s sum it all up for you, so you can grasp the full meaning of it:

  1. Gordon Allen has several NDE’s in which a mission he is to accomplish is being revealed to him;
  2. The spirit brings Robert Dentith in contact with Gordon, Rob being a young man just entering his own spiritual path;
  3. The two plan on spreading the mission beyond the US namely also in Rob’s home country the UK;
  4. Rob has a friend Matt who is not into spirituality at all;
  5. Totally unexpectedly Rob dies at a fairly young age;
  6. Rob comes back to let Matt know that all spiritual values he believed in while alive, turns out to be true: there is an afterlife and spiritual values are the highest transcendent values to strive towards while being on earth;
  7. Matt is amazed to get a message from the world unseen by us, this sets him off on his own spiritual path;
  8. He too goes turns to Gordon Allen for advice and support;
  9. By doing so, Gordon gets the message that Rob is now in the dimension Gordon knows so well; 
  10. A N D last but not least:
  11. You, reading this, now also get this message: you are a spiritual being living an earthly experience. Your indwelling spirit will never die. Your indwelling spirit is beauty, love and it’s transcendent. You will never die, your body may, but your soul will live on. All material things, you will not be able to take with you. However all transcendent values you will take with you. Transcendent values being: Love, service to others, caring, appreciation of others, thankfulness, a forgiving attitude, joy, happiness, sharing.

Please share this knowledge with whomever you encounter, tell them about this webpage and give them an opportunity to embark on their own spiritual path as well…
May God richly bless you!!

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