The Mission


After his physical death, Rev Allen never returned to his former profession. Instead he took up the spiritual mantle and decided to make the best use of the empowerment given to him by the spiritual beings that visited him during his NDE.ggaspeaking

His ultimate mission is to share these spiritual teachings with his fellow man. Gordon has been given proof that indeed there is a life after death, a so-called afterlife. He wants people to know that there actually is a God. A charitable God who loves us all unequivocally. Gordon Allen has been given the answer to life’s ultimate questions which  every individual ask themselves: is there a God and will the soul continue after death.

In 1994 Reverend Allen founded the non-profit corporation Completion Ministries, together with a group of other spiritual persons. The mission of this ministry is to pass on the true message of Christ, i.e. the sharing of unconditional love all around us. The sharing of the ultimate truth: yes indeed we actually do have eternal life.

Perhaps you would like to offer your professional or other services to the ministry. We are looking for individuals like you, who wish to provide a relevant service to our ministry.  We are currently looking for associates worldwide, who can offer their time and energy at the service of others. Christian Family Associates represents a global network of individuals like you who wish to provide a relevant service to our ministry. We encourage you to become an associate today and make a difference in someone's life.

This is an opportunity for those seekers who want to belong to a spiritual familyWe are embarking on worldwide growth, therefore we are seeking help in all areas.
For more information and to volunteer send us your request or message by clicking on the Contact Us link. . Christian Family welcomes you with a warm smile.

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