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In 2003, Gordon Allen was contacted by the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, to feature in a documentary entitled ‘The Day I Died’. The makers of the documentary wanted to interview persons who had experienced a genuine NDE. The documentary also features doctors and scientists discussing the phenomenon. The documentary turned out to be a huge success. People from all over the world contacted the BBC seeking either to relate their experiences or to find answers to their questions. Even today the interest in the subject continues to increase. The documentary is now located on the world wide web and broadcast worldwide at random times on BBC affiliates. In the US it is still broadcast from time to time on the Learning Channel.  Initially the part of the documentary featuring Gordon Allen was posted by an unknown person on YouTube.  Today, there are several postings of the same part on the internet.  The video you see on this websites home page is directly from one of the original copies that Dr G. Gordon Allen received from the BBC studio.  That too is posted on YouTube for all to enjoy.

 Gordon, realizing there were many many people in the world who were in need to find a place where they would be able to share their story, decided to become available for all those seekers. bbc_taping

The fear of death and dying is the number one fear of the human kind in this world. He himself, before living his NDE wasn’t too keen on dying either. Having been revealed the wondrous truth about the true spiritual nature of human beings, he felt he needed to share that.


 Gordon decided to provide a portal for those who were in search for answers. This brought about the formation of this website Initially  this was to be the sister site to the site which had been formed by him in 1996. Today, the spirit has revealed to Dr Gordon Allen that this is the site that he must show to the world.  Through this site many services will be provided for all that seek to find the truth.  This will also server as a haven to all that want to express or talk about their own NDEs.  Many through out the years have found how have been able to trace Gordon on the Internet. Gordon personally replies to all of those who come looking for him, which can sometimes be rather time consuming. However to him it is important to be able to reassure people who come to him in fear that they can have found a fellow human that is prepared to listen  non-judgmentally to their own story.
'‘Exchanging emails with those who came to find me is part of the mission
God has sent me to accomplish. I find this work very rewarding
through the sheer fact that these persons now loose their fears and can finally find inner peace.
G.Gordon Allen


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