Gordon Allen before his NDE

For many years Rev Gordon Allen was a successful businessman and private investment banker founding his own firm that expanded from its United States head office to the UK and to continental Europe.

G. Gordon AllGordon Allen youngen was born in the northwest corner of the U.S.A., one hundred miles south of the Canadian Border. He was the youngest of four children. He attended public schools where he was a good student and was active in school clubs and associations. Gordon Allen was also active in the order of Demolay (Masons) where he was master counselor of his chapter, president of his district, and state officer. It was due to these experiences that he mastered public speaking and administration skills. Many public and civic awards were given to him during this time. 

His father was in the financial services industry, owning his business. He passed away unexpectedly when Gordon was only twenty-one years old. This had a huge impact on Gordon's life. To this day. Rev. Allen says there is not a transaction he deals with some part of which was not first taught to him by his father.

Gordon Allen entered college after high school graduation and attended for two years before moving on to serve in the Army for three years.  In the army he had several responsibilities. Rev. Allen now holds a Ph.D. in Humanity and an M.B.A.  He is a certified professional counselor by the State of Washington.

Professionally Gordon Allen quickly excelled in investment sales gaining national recognition as a young man on his way to sucfinancealworldcess. He was recruited as vice president of marketing for dealer development and sales training by Hammond Industries. This was Gordon's first experience with a corporation formed for the promotion of its products and primarily for the promotion of its stock. At the age of twenty-four, he took the risk and went with the corporation receiving generous cash and stock incentives. His new mentor (after his father), the corporate president, taught him the ins and outs of the world of major deal making and capital formation. Gordon traveled the entire U.S. and Canada promoting the corporation's products and stock, conducting sales training for distributor salesmen, and directing activities for national industry shows. He married in his late twenties and moved on to earn a living in the international markets for investments and the sale of goods. He owned several companies, dealing with import-export and financial industries.

Sadly, Gordon Allen became a single parent, raising his three children alone. He also managed to buy and sell several enterprises. He was the key figure in Charterhouse Equities Corporation. The clients of the firm were large private investors who used the service for tsuccesshe preservation of capital and for the movement of the equity of fixed assets across borders. Charterhouse Equities was used as a holding company for the various companies and assets that came in and moved through the accounts of the client base.

In addition to his own holdings Gordon Allen also founded the American Family Trust Company that performs the same functions as Charterhouse Equities with the addition of an organized trust program added to the services offered.

Spiritually Gordon Allen enthusiastically participated in civic cultural activities, working with both commercial club organization and civic and church activities. He was recognized in 1989 by the city of Seattle for his works with charity and therefor was made an Honored Citizen and was presented with the symbolic key to Seattle "in honor of his long history of public service".

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