Gordon's Aura

On September 1995, after a speech about his Near Death Experience, Gordon Allen was invited to have a picture taken with an energy field camera. This camera is known to take energy signatures that emanate from one's aura. Gordon's interest was not keen on these things. He was tired and did not want to participate. His friend insisted, so Gordon went ahead and complied. Nothing special was really expected of it. When the operator took the picture he thought the camera was damaged. He had done this many times and in many parts of the world, but the image that was developed was not the same as before. The camera operator proceeded to take pictures of Gordon's assistants. Their images were colorful but no real definition was noted. These images had only colorful blotches around the individual but nothing definite. Nothing like what was seen with Gordon. The result is the image you see. The owner/operator of the camera was intrigued by the image, he stated that in all of his travels around the states and world, he had not seen anyone with this type of emanation. In fact they compared pictures from other participants and non of the other images came close to showing the details that are seen in Gordon's image. Click on the image to see more detail, you will notice a golden shaft that is rising from the top of Gordon's head. Aura rings form around his body in fine filigrees of 360 degree. The aura projects around his body about several feet perhaps 6 feet. On close examination by Gordon's head and neck areas there are 3 distinct ultra white spots which indicate the presence of other spiritual beings within in his aura. One on the left and two on the right.  More than likely there are individual spiritual sources which are his guides. The other auras in the spectrum go all the way around his body, 360 degrees

This is an authentic production and cannot be altered.  This is not an altered image, no software was utilized to create the image.In fact a well known acquaintance of Dr Gordon was with him and signed a sworn affidavit.  Attesting that he was a witness to the event.


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